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Our Events

Rust Royale

Competitive Vanilla

Spawn in a boat & ride into battle in style
Enter as a solo, duo or squad in our different tournaments
Both kills & placement determine your score
Avoid the red zone & stay in safety
The higher your score the bigger the cash prize

Rust Royale is our version of a competitive battle royale, with a competitive format for solo, duos & squad formats.

Pure Vanilla Tournament
Team Up With Your Friends
One Tool Cupboard
Raid Teams To Win Bounty
Win The Grand Prize Pool

Rust Rivals is a pure vanilla tournament. There is only minor changes to make the game as competitive as possible and extremely rewarding for the participants, both for glory and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win money in all the tournaments / events?

For the time being all our events will be paid entry to battle it out for a real cash return. Our entry fees are per team and not per player to make it as cheap as possible for each team so you can get a chance to win big.

What about cheaters?

We have a full team of event moderators in which we fully vet each account partaking in every event. Any accounts flagged by our vetting system will be denied / further reviewed and the account owner spoken with. We also have extensive plugins / event moderators monitoring every move in our events. Any team caught cheating will be removed and permanently banned from Rust Rivals and evidence of their cheating sent to Facepunch for review.

Why is this not like other rust competitive events?

We have put in hundreds of hours into every detail of all our event formats and our running procedures and have a fully organised staff team behind Rust Rivals. Every single one of them dedicated to ensuring Rust Rivals has the best possible experience for every player. All of this combined with working with some of the best minds in the Rust community to bring you something not only we are proud of but something the Rust community will be proud to be part of.